The Evolution of Link Building


Let’s be honest, link building has never been ‘easy’, but it has definitely become harder over the  years, and more so in the past few months. With the advent of Pandas and Penguins, knowing what you’re doing when optimizing a website for search is a clever balance of the seen and unseen.

As Many Links as Possible? Nope.

I can remember a time not too long ago when having large amounts of links was king. I know, I know. Content is always king, but lets get real. The more links you had, the better. You could of had a lot of links to some really bad content from really bad sites and still out performed better content.

This isn’t really the case anymore. Sure, there are situations where you can still get away with blasting 1,000 links  in a single day towards a really bad web page and rank really well…for a while, but eventually you’ll get nailed and those links will become devalued.

The key to successful link building is not the amount of links you can collect. It’s all about the quality of the links you get and where they come from. You’re website will be a lot better off getting 5 links over the course of a few weeks from high quality websites, than getting 100 links from really bad websites. Why is this harder? Getting these kind of links takes skill, time and above all else, excellent content.

Perfect Anchor Text Distribution? Forget about it.

Perfect anchor text links were the name of the game for years up until a few months ago. Getting all your links with that perfect, shiny unbranded optimized anchor text was fairly easy.

Well, the ride is over. Perfectly optimized anchor text links are more likely to get your site flagged with an unnatural link warning. If you’ve spent years getting links like “cheap hotels in Orlando” all pointing back to your homepage, don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow with an email from Google letting you know they have detected unnatural links pointing towards your site. What follows is usually decreased rankings, drops in traffic, panic and a rush to get those links removed.

Save yourself the time and trouble and build more natural links. Keep the anchor text natural by mixing in your branded terms, and varying degrees of anchor text. In other words, less optimization when it comes to your anchor text is a safer bet . Striking a balance between optimization and over optimization is still a thin line that needs to be treaded carefully.

What Does This Mean For Your Business’ Website?

When it comes to your website’s link building campaigns and search rankings, link building is a challenge that doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all‘ type of solution. You’ll need to develop long term plans, tactics and goals to achieve quality links that will benefit your website and not harm it. How you do that is the million dollar question.

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