3 SEO Tactics to Avoid

SEO is not a perfect science, meaning there is no set structure on how to attain high page to rank, increase traffic or increase conversions. This lack of structure often leads many different SEO campaigns down different paths to success. Some of these paths walk the straight and narrow, playing well within the guidelines set by the Search Engines. Others, however, take the less traveled path down the back alleys of the SEO world, often leading to a future of penalties and rankings tragedies.

Here are 3 SEO tactics no one should use to help clients improve their business’s visibility online:

1.  Link Schemes

Building link is arguably the hardest part of any SEO’s job. From locating the right opportunities for a link, to actually securing that link, the process can be incredibly time consuming and difficult. To lighten this burden, many SEO professionals  will resort to purchasing irrelevant links, participating in link wheels or other link exchanging schemes. While this will save significant time, and possibly money, the results will be toxic. These types of link procuring tactics  leave websites open to penalties and damage when it comes to rankings.

Instead of trying to get links through scheming, a good SEO will take the time to find the right opportunity to build a relationship with another media outlet and secure a link that is beneficial to everyone involved. These types of links are natural and powerful when it comes to sending the right kind of ranking signals to Search Engines.

2. Black Hat Tricks

SEO professionals are bombarded with a multitude of shortcuts to take care of various aspects of an SEO campaign. They can try to buy their way to the top, or they can even trick the Search Engines into thinking they deserve to be at the top. Using black hat tricks like cloaking, door way pages or hidden text might seem like a tempting avenue towards ranking bliss but when you’re discovered using these tricks prepare for the hammer to fall from the search gods. Websites found to be using black hat tricks can receive severe ranking penalties or even have their website completely removed from search results.

3. Outsourcing

With all the moving parts to an SEO campaign becoming more and more difficult day by day the temptation to outsource many of the key aspects to cheap and unexperienced labor is high. Unfortunately, this kind of carelessness can lead to wasted time, money and effort.

It is best for as much of an SEO campaign to be accomplished by a single agency or professional. This allows for a tight team to have control on how the campaign is being handled and performing. Avoid SEO services that claim to be able to accomplish more than seems reasonable in a short period of time. There is a good chance they are sending that work out to another agency who they can’t monitor or control.